What Is a Network Rail Asset Protection Agreement

High-speed railway 1 (HS1) differs from the rest of the network in that Network Rail (High Speed) operates and maintains it on behalf of HS1. Follow the charter of the Network Rail (High Speed 1) Outside Parties team. If you plan to work near HS1, you will need to fill out an infrastructure search form. We can help you by telling you the following: The rail network is divided into a series of geographical and high-speed routes 1. If you plan to carry out work near the railway tracks, please contact your local ASPRO team, which is your front door, to help you deliver your work safely. We facilitate the investment and construction of other organizations in the railways. As part of the Open for Business program, we are reviewing and changing our risk management standards, practices and approaches and streamlining processes to facilitate collaboration with us. Reforms to date of our ASPRO organization include: new leadership roles, a national framework, service level commitments, customer satisfaction surveys, and risk clarification. An organization other than Network Rail that intends to perform work that physically alters and potentially promotes the operation, assets, design or other functions of Network Rail`s infrastructure. Watch our video below to learn what asset protection and optimization is all about. Our vegetation management is essential for safety, and we do everything we can to keep residents informed. We need to manage vegetation along the railway year-round to eliminate safety risks while being sensitive to wildlife and the local environment.

Visit our environmental pages to find out why we need to manage vegetation and how to do it. While we accept that graffiti can be uncomfortable, the cost of removal can often be high. As a public body, we must respect the government`s principles for the management of public funds and prioritize our spending on matters critical to safety and those related to the operation of the railway. For cases involving offensive graffiti, we will do everything in our power to remove it within 24 hours. Visit our community pages to learn the best way to report graffiti and vandalism. For urgent problems, such as .B. Blown trees on or to the railway, please call the national helpline on 03457 11 41 41 and select option 1. Working near the railway tracks can be a dangerous environment, and we are able to help you manage the risks. Network Rail is committed to safety and therefore wants to help you deliver your work safely. New applications: AssetProtectionAnglia@networkrail.co.uk Tel: 020 3356 2510 Enquiries: AssetProtectionHighSpeed1@networkrail.co.uk A person, member of the public or organisation other than Network Rail that promotes, finances, designs, builds, owns and maintains works in the immediate vicinity of the railway, but does not physically alter the operation of the railway infrastructure and is related to the railway infrastructure. Working with the railway can pose a risk to both your job and our infrastructure. We are committed to working with all our customers and neighbours on the track to protect you and the railway.

As Network Rail owns and operates UK rail, our responsibility to operate and maintain it safely may lead other organisations to believe that it is difficult to work with us on the delivery of rail projects. In recognition of this, we are implementing a series of reforms to remove obstacles and facilitate cooperation with us. If you have worked with Network Rail`s plant protection and optimization teams and would like to provide us with your feedback, please complete our customer satisfaction survey. We looked at 41 distinct risk categories that could cause problems, delays or additional costs for a rail project and analyzed where Network Rail can take that risk, or we clearly indicated who would cover it. An “Industry Risk Fund” has been established to allow Network Rail to assume risks and fund liabilities when projects encounter unforeseen industry issues. The standard risk allocation table is available on our third-party downloads and describes each potential risk and who is responsible for it – Network Rail, the industry`s risk fund, sponsoring client or extension entrepreneur. T: 08457 114141 E: HS1TracksideSafety@networkrail.co.uk Detailed guidelines for the Asset Protection Agreement and the Basic Asset Protection Agreements are being developed and will be available shortly. They aim to reduce the need for time-consuming negotiations on contractual arrangements for each system and to create transparency in payments to Network Rail. We strive to find solutions that reduce barriers to entry by providing a more cost-effective and efficient contractual framework. Asset Protection Network Rail 1 Stratford Place (11th floor) Montfichet Road Stratford London E20 1EJ.

. ASPRO teams can help you with a variety of jobs, including: For more information, see our Investing in the Network Guide, which is part of our Stakeholder Code of Conduct. Asset Protection Network Rail 2nd Floor London Cottons Centre Cottons Lane London SE1 2QG Asset Protection Network Rail Floor 3 St. Patricks House Cardiff, CF10 5ZA Third parties can train, transport goods and stations, manage local passenger transport managers, the Department of Transport (DfT), DBFO, PFI or commercial developers, etc. Asset Protection Network Rail General Offices Waterloo Station London SE1 8SW Asset Protection Floor 1, Square One 4 Travis Street Manchester M1 2NY ASPRO does not deal with emergency work. In case of emergency, please contact: External parties can be local authorities, legal funeral directors, builders and private owners. To ensure we make the right changes, we have begun conducting customer satisfaction surveys with third parties we work with and are committed to reporting on results on a regular basis. There are other teams of specialists within Network Rail that cover the areas listed below: Network Rail Asset Protection Team, 5th Floor, Western House, 1 Holbrook Way, Swindon, SN1 1BD Many of these documents are well-established models and codes of conduct for removing barriers. Some will be revised to include service levels and other recommended improvements. Outside Parties Network Rail (High Speed) Limited Singlewell IMD Henhurst Road Cobham Gravesend Kent DA12 3AN Asset Protection Network Rail 151 St Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5NW All NRSWA construction announcements are issued through Street Manager in England, ETON (Electronic Transfer of Notices) in Wales and the Scottish Road Works Register (SRWR) in Scotland. They were developed and revised after intensive consultations with industry, clients and stakeholders.

However, they may also require random changes to Network Rail`s infrastructure, e.B. The results of our latest customer satisfaction survey are available on our third-party downloads page. Asset Protection The Quadrant:MK Elder Gate Milton Keynes MK9 1FR. The Highways Interface team works closely with the Asset Protection & Optimization team to provide expert advice. .